Video production

What materials will be used?

Depending on what materials and mediums are to be used it may be required to have the media in more than one final source, such as video files, tapes, DVD’s, Blu-Ray, web based video. The list below covers some mediums to think about.

• Scenes videotaped by you,

• 35mm slides,

• Black & White or colour photographs,

• Animation,

• Graphic stills,

• Narration/script,

• Music,

• Printed materials,

• Previously existing video,

• Scenes videotaped by Vision4Video or other outsources.

Distribution Costs

Distributing your media can incur costs before you start making a profit. Many different distribution methods are available, with varying costs. Always find out the costs before agreeing to any distribution methods. Below is a list of different methods you might want to use:

• Web based video (YouTube, Vimea, MegaVideo, Flixx)

• TV – Public Service Announcements,

• Blu-Ray, Video DVD, DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, Data DVD

• Videotape (NTSC VHS in US and Japan, PAL overseas)


With today’s computer systems becoming more powerful it may be easier and more time effective to take lots of shots and then compile them into a scene rather than doing re-takes. It may also be easier for some educational videos to edit the footage or compile it in CGI/Computer software.


For example to make a video for new employees it may be useful to have a lead trainer/team leader as the lead actor, in an office similar to where the new employee will be working, with props such as those the employee may encounter with the actor showing how to do/use/find various tasks and items that may be needed